Golde Ebding

Golde is a social worker and holds a Master degree in European Political Science. For the last years she has been working in the field of migration and, among other things, founded, developed and implemented the projects Refugees Welcome and ESOP (European Structural Orientation Program for migrants).

Karla Kästner

After her Bachelor in Languages and Economics, Karla studied Intercultural Mediation and Migration Studies in the Mediterranean. During the last four years she has been actively involved in assistance and counselling of refugees in France, Germany and Italy. One of her main interests lies in the European asylum system, particularly the right to freedom of movement of asylum seekers and refugees within the EU. As far as migration_miteinander is concerned, Karla is in charge of fundraising activities and networking.

Alexander Hartwein

Currently, Alexander is studying International Relations in Kleve, Germany. As one of the founders of migration_miteinander he became a board member from the beginning on and developed the website of the association. Alexander gained significant experiences during his stay in Bologna, Italy, where he helped implementing ESOP (European Structural Orientation Program for migrants). Together with migration_miteinander he now continues to promote legal migration.

Bianca Wambach

Besides her bachelor’s degree in regional studies Latin America in Cologne, Bianca was already interested in topics in the area of migration. This also motivated her to become part of ESOP. Since she liked the project so much, she wants to continue to be actively involved in migration miteinander. She will take care of the volunteer coordination for the association.

Tinka Greve

During the last years, Tinka has already worked in different projects for and with immigrants in Germany, Sweden and Italy. After finishing her Masters in Migration Studies, she is now looking for a job in Hamburg and works voluntarily for the association migration_miteinander. Since february 2018 she is coordinating the project MovEurope! which aims to facilitate innereuropean legal migration and a trancultural dialog in the Rheinland (region in the west of Germany).

Rawan Kastali

Rawan lives since September 2015 in Germany. She is studying currently German and English to be a teacher in Bochum, Germany.
She is a volunteer in german red cross Witten and works at the old aged hospital.
She was one of the leaders for TamaTaman in Germany. Now she is responsible for MovEurope! and Yalla Integra in Witten.

Kimberly Denkhaus

Contact person in Witten, to approach for the intercultural youth exchange and responsible for the implementation of MovEurope!

Remarkably supported by

Johannes Ludwig

Svenja Bloom

Ann-Katrin Molnar
Till Ebding

Christa Greshake- Ebding

Christiane Oswald

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