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We rethink

Migration_miteinander e.V. is an association composed of a group of young people that want to contribute to a Europe based on solidarity and appreciation of cultural diversity.

We facilitate European mobility, not only for Europeans but also for migrants in Europe and prepare young people for an active role in their society.To do so, we implement empowerment and exchange programs, offer trainings, bring together people of different backgrounds and promote inner-European legal migration for migrants.




“MovEurope!” for legal migration and volunteering for the freedom of movement of young people with a refugee background within Europe.

Yalla Integra!

Yalla Integra! aims to bring young people with and without a refugee background  together, allowing them to get to know each other and enjoy different activities as a big group or as a tandem in pairs.

(Y)our Europe?!

The project (Y)our Europe?! is implemented by migration_together and partners from Bulgaria, Italy and Turkey.

The main objectives of the project are to make Europe more tangible and to prepare young people to actively work for peaceful coexistence in multicultural societies.


This project communicates possible legal mobilities tools and wants to provide easily understandable information in the form of little video clips. Furthermore, the project raises awareness on refugees’ life realities and strengthens solidarity between citizens and migrants.


Show me your school!

The goal of “Show me your school!” (Ger. Zeig mir deine Schule!) is to inform young displaced people about Waldorf education and make the Waldorf school, which is usually an unknown education for some, more accessible. 


Listen to my story

“Hör meine Geschichte” (in German) is a project that aims to increase the appreciation for diversity and reduce the fear of the “unknown” in the local population. Through biographical work “Hör meine Geschichte” aims to people with and without a refugee background on equal terms and establish inclusion. Above all, we engage with experiences and needs in the field of mobility in Europe.
life realities and strengthens solidarity between citizens and migrants.