Yacouba came to Italy in 2015 across the Mediterranean. Before that he stayed in Libya for some years but could not stay there because of the increasingly unstable situation. Ever since he does have a residence permit in Italy but was unable to find permanent work and establish a secure existence even though he was actively looking for work and therefore had to change his place of residence a few times. Before his arrival Yacouba did not know Italy very well while Germany was already interesting for him back in Mali.

Through our partner institution Associazione Interculturale UNIVERSO in Bologna Yacouba was given the possibility to participate in the empowerment project ESOP which prepares refugees to build up an autonomous life in the European context. Together with other refugees Yacouba was provided with daily German lessons for five months and actively prepared himself for his stay in Germany.

On these basis migration_miteinander was able to organize a three months internship in Witten, Germany in the kitchen of the Institut für Waldorf-Pädagogik. As Yacouba would like to take up an apprenticeship as a baker he additionally helped out in a local bakery at weekends.
Because of his reliability and good comprehension skills Yacouba represented a great enrichment for the kitchen staff of the Institut für Waldorf-Pädagogik. Indeed, the institution was so pleased with his work that Yacouba was offered a BFD (German national voluntary service) for the duration of 12 months starting in April 2018.

During his voluntary service Yacouba will be able to improve his German up to the necessary A2 level for an apprenticeship and actively look out for suitable training institutions.