We are happy to tell that Alieu did his internship in a Pizzeria in south-west Germany, in Lahr, which is at the foot of the black forest mountain range. His internship started in April and lasted until the end of June, so three month in total.

How it all began…

As participant of the second ESOP cycle (European Structural Orientation Program for Migrants), Alieu was well prepared for his time in Germany. During the ESOP Program, he learned the basics of the German language, he participated in a professional qualification course and learned a lot about the german and european labour market. With the support of Associazione Universo Interculturale and the association migration_miteinander, Alieu was able to find a internship in Germany, right at the end of the ESOP programme. Christiane, a former intern, played a crucial role here. Due to her commitment and knowledge about the region, she was able to organize a lot of things and to support Alieu a lot in the realisation of his plan. She even provided him a place to stay and drove with him by car from Italy to Germany. Further she organized a lot of things after his arrival and was always there to give support. She was huge help and a big reason that everything went so well.

Alieu´s daily life in Germany

After arrival in Germany, the first days were used to get to know the city and the region. Alieu for example did a bicycle trip together with Christiane along the Rhine river, he familiarized himself with Lahr and its surroundings and did a trip to Freiburg. Luckily, he was also able to travel a bit during the following three month. For example, he visited former interns who became good friends and are now living in Stuttgart.  

After the first free days, the internship started. Alieu was usually working from Tuesday/Wednesday to Sunday. He had different and changing tasks and got to know all the different fields in the restaurant kitchen, from baking Pizza to washing dishes. The owner was very happy with Alieu´s work. Right from the start, Alieu got along with everybody very well and was soon a fully integrated part of the team. Also in his free time he quickly found a place where he felt comfortable. He got to know many people, visited concerts and other cultural events and made contact with the gambian diaspora in Lahr and surroundings. Time went by quickly and it was soon time to say goodbye. At the end of june he had to go back to Bologna, Italy.

Alieu said that he had a great time in Germany, made valuable experiences, learned new things, improved his german skills and successfully completed his internship. Alieu made a big step towards a future in Germany. For this we wish him all the best and will of course continue to support him in the realisation of his dreams.